Sea glass necklace hanging on a sand dollar

Sea Glass Jewelry Handcrafted on Cape Cod

Only genuine beach-tumbled sea glass is used at Coastal Charms Sea Glass Jewelry.  Our goal is to design beautiful and elegant sea glass necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  By enhancing each piece of sea glass with sterling silver, freshwater pearls, gemstones, or crystals we can show off the inherent beauty of these natural gems.  Be sure to browse our complete assortment of sea glass jewelry if you are looking for a special gift!  Our sterling silver and sea glass jewelry makes a wonderful keepsake gift for any special occasion!  If you want to make a change to an existing piece of jewelry, please send us a contact sheet.  We will always strive to accomodate your personal requests!!

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Sea Glass Charms
Sea Glass and Sterling Charms

Elegant sea glass jewelry necklace features a sterling silver charm with an accentuating piece of sea glass and a freshwater pearl.

Sea Glass Pendant
Sea Glass Pendant Necklaces

Beautiful sterling silver jewelry featuring a piece of genuine sea glass, carefully matched with Swarovski crystals and a pearl charm.

Wire Wrapped Sea Glass
Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Necklaces

These simple but elegant sterling silver necklaces feature a sterling wire-wrapped piece of sea glass.

Sea Glass Bracelets
Sea Glass Bracelets

These sterling silver bracelets are truly one of a kind and feature stunning pieces of sea glass, pearls, crystals or gemstones.

Sea Glass Earrings
Sea Glass Earrings

Beautiful sterling silver earrings featuring vibrant colored sea glass in several different styles.

Anklets and Lariats
Anklets and Lariats

Sometimes it is fun to experiment with new designs, and this is where you will find them!