Each piece of sea glass travels its own mysterious journey as it tumbles through the ocean to its final destination.  No two pieces of sea glass are exactly the same, making your jewelry one of a kind and unique, like yourself!!

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Finding Sea Glass is Definitely on My List of Simple Pleasures!

April 14, 2018

As I've matured, (doesn't that sound better than - gotten older?),  I've definitely noticed that it doesn't take lots of fancy things to make me happy. It seems that the more complicated life becomes, the more I truly appreciate the simple things!  (for instance, I prefer to create simple and classic jewelry designs). Here's a quick list of some of my simple pleasures: 1. a clear blue sky after days of gray and drizzle 2. being able to wear 2 layers instead of 4 to my son's baseball games 3. the sound of the surf when I'm beach combing 4. discovering a pretty piece of sea glass (OF COURSE!) 5. when dinner is already made when I get home  6....

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