November 27, 2018


Want to Cross Those Names Off Your Gift List?

'Tis the holiday season, and with all of the joy and celebration comes a bit of stress.  What do I buy for .....???

Well, the answer is obvious!!  Sea glass and gemstone jewelry of course:))

Why?  It's unique and one of a kind!  Sea glass is becoming MUCH more difficult to find, making it that much more special.

A piece of jewelry made from these treasures, helps to keep us grounded and connected to the Earth.  It reminds us of the beauty of Nature and our magnificent world.

She deserves it!! 

xxsoft green sea glass on beaded bracelet


November 20, 2018


Biggest Discounts of the Year!!

15% OFF ALL ITEMS with code: CYBMON15 at checkout!! sea glass and gemstone bracelet
November 02, 2018


Is Gratitude a Part of Your Life?

Yay!  It's November and the temps will be getting cooler (although today, they're in the 60's!), the leaves are changing and Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday to celebrate:)

Everyone's lives are so very busy these days.  We each get caught up in our schedules and trying to accomplish MORE.

I love that we have a few days to be more family centered, and really take some extra time to to think about our many blessings.

After my cancer diagnosis, it changed my outlook in so many ways.  I now begin each day grateful to be here!!  I'm grateful for so many things...the health of my family and loved ones, the beauty nature provides every day, the ability to make jewelry from home, and the list goes on...

I recently ran across a video featuring Hailey Bartholomew and her 365 grateful project.  I found it so interesting, because she talks transforming her mindset and going from being depressed to happy by taking stock of all she has to be grateful for.  She created a photo a day for what she was grateful about, and realized she had many things to be grateful for.

Happy November friends!  (ps- google Hailey Bartholomew if you get a chance)

xx Deb


October 27, 2018


Day Spa Recognizes Coastal Charms Jewelry in 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

So very appreciative of the gesture by Day Spa Magazine to list the Dog-Teeth Amethyst Bracelet with genuine amethyst sea glass in their Holiday Gift Guide for 2018:))

8mm dog teeth amethyst stone beads are accented with a piece of genuine amethyst sea glass.  A sterling silver "breathe" word charm hangs from the sterling loop as a gentle reminder to slow down and take that moment to just be present.

Dog teeth amethyst is said to decrease resistance to change!

amethyst sea glass on beaded bracelet


October 20, 2018


Falmouth Gets into the Spirit of Halloween

It's a lot of fun living in a small town.  Every town has its own traditions. 

Halloween is just around the corner, and one of the traditions I love about Falmouth, is the Scarecrow decorating contest!

If you drive or walk up and down Main Street, you'll notice that in front of most of the stores, a decorated scarecrow figure is hanging outside:)

People can vote on which one they think is the best.  Some of the scarecrows are quite creative!!

On Saturday Oct.27th, the little kids can dress up in costume and visit the stores for Halloween goodies:)

What traditions does your town have?  Will you be dressing up this year??

October 15, 2018


Gemstones Paired with Sea Glass Make a Perfect Marriage!

Here we are in mid-October!!  It's been quite warm on Cape Cod...I will be a happy camper when it's consistently cooler:)

So, you may have noticed that I'm incorporating a lot of gemstones in my designs lately.  For 2 reasons...the first is that it's becoming more difficult for me to source nice pieces of genuine sea glass.  

The second reason is that I LOVE beautiful gemstones:))  I love the various colors and meanings of each!!  They look wonderful when I happen to have a piece of sea glass that matches a certain gemstone.

I love that working with sea glass keeps me connected to the Earth and nature, but gemstones do also!!  So, be on the lookout for more sea glass/ gemstone and only gemstone designs.

Check out this three in one bracelet made with kyanite (known for aiding communication and helping to align all the chakras), rice pearls and Czech beads.  Wouldn't this look beautiful on you??

October 03, 2018


Wear Your Pink in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

My life was forever changed upon hearing the words "You have breast cancer."

My hope is to see an end to this disease in my lifetime.  Each January I donate a percent of my sales to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

I'm grateful for each new day and for more time to spend with my family and loved ones.

I try to not sweat the small stuff:)  I try to be more present in each and every moment and be kind....that's the gift I received from cancer.  Don't take anything for granted:))

Here's to a future without breast cancer!!! 

xxx Debwhite sea glass accent on pearl bracelet


September 24, 2018


Good Bye Summer, Hello Fall!

Fall on Cape Cod is my favorite season.  I love summer, but it's very, very busy!

LOTS of people, lots of traffic, crowded beaches and lots of waiting in lines:)

Most of the time, I love the hustle and bustle, but in the Fall, I truly appreciate the warm beautiful days and being able to go to the beach and find a parking space, any time of day or night!

Fall colored sea glass is amazing.  The colors of the sea glass are warm and vibrant.  From the many shades of green, to the browns and ambers...for me, there's something special about golden amber sea glass!

It's rich, honey color makes me happy:)  It was used for liquor bottles and is used in some beer bottles today.  It's considered to be rare.

Look for some new honey amber sea glass necklaces and earrings to be in the online store soon!

xx  Debhoney amber sea glass 



September 17, 2018


New Sea Pottery Necklace Listed on Website

Recently, I designed a necklace using a piece of sea pottery, instead of sea glass.  I, personally, haven't ever found a piece of pottery myself, but I love the history of it.

According to Connor O'Brien, it can be categorized in one of 3 ways: earthenware, stoneware or porcelain.  He says that jugs used for storing and selling liquids, such as molasses and honey, were the most common source. 

He also writes that ceramics began in North America in the 17th and 18th centuries when immigrants came from Germany, England and France.

Richard LaMotte wrote in his book, Pure Sea Glass, that manufacturing ceramic pottery is one of the oldest known man-made arts, dating from 10,000 B.C. in Japan.

I was interested to learn that the piece of stoneware I used in this necklace, has a cobalt glaze applied with a sponge!

Will YOU be the person to buy this unique necklace?  I hope so!!sea pottery necklace


August 25, 2018


Solopreneur Confessions

In honor of Women's Equality Day on Sunday 26th, I thought I'd write about being a woman entrepreneur.

This wasn't my plan!  I'm shy by nature (until I get to know you) and feel much more comfortable in a follower role, rather than being in a "leading" role.

I started out as a nurse many (we won't discuss HOW MANY) years ago.  It was back in the days of foot and back rubs!  Honestly, back then I was so shy I would dread it when a Dr. wanted to ask me a question:((

Then, I  changed directions and went to school for physical therapy.  I loved the combination of helping people to feel better and get stronger through exercise.  I noticed the last year, that when I bent down to re-tie the patient's shoes, I had to push on something to help myself get up!!  My own knees were complaining:)

Now, I design jewelry made with sea glass, gemstones and other gifts from Nature.   As my jewelry making skills evolved, I decided to try my hand at selling the jewelry online. 

So, I sit here writing to you today as a solopreneur.   I envision the design, order supplies, organize supplies, create the jewelry, photograph it, upload it to the web store, print orders and package them, ship them, post on social media, respond to inquiries, etc... and I love every minute of it!!!!!

The main challenge of being a team of 1 is LACK OF TIME.  You soon realize that nothing will be "perfect" again.  You're constantly juggling your roles...Mom, wife, friend, business owner.  I've finally accepted the fact that I can only do the best I can.  I try to get the most important things done each day and be happy with that.

I've been truly blessed to have amazing and understanding customers!   For instance, I missed sending a newsletter this month.  My blog post is late.  I went away for a few days this past week and two people graciously accepted a later ship date.  

Thanks for sticking with me through this very busy summer!!  School starts in a week and I'm looking forward to having a bit more time to focus on creating beautiful designs for YOU:)

 shell with aqua sea glass


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