May 21, 2017


Sea Glass Jewelry in Summer Ready Styles

In case you haven't had a chance to visit in a while, I thought I'd catch you up to date on a new sea glass jewelry design!

If you're like me and wear simple white tees in the summer, you'll love this new design.  It's a hammered sterling silver circle pendant (with matching earrings if you like).  

This is a simple, classic design to jazz up your outfit and looks great on white or black.

The sterling shines a bit and there's a tiny sparkle from 2 Swarovski crystals.  Sea glass and crystals are sewn onto the hand shaped pendant and earrings.

What I love is that this necklace and earrings could be worn during the day right into

evening.:)aqua sea glass on hammered pendant and earrings

May 06, 2017


Sea Glass, Pretty Stones and Quahog Shells?

quahog shellYup!  When I go beach combing, I'm always on the lookout for sea glass.  That's my number one goal, but if you live on Cape Cod, you know it's not exactly bountiful in these parts.

So, I also tend to pick up pretty stones and shells, and I LOVE the purple and white pieces of the inner quahog shell:)

Some fun facts about quahogs: 1. also known as clams and littlenecks 2. found in mud flats along the eastern coast - mostly concentrated between Cape Cod and New Jersey 3. they move through the mud using a muscular foot 4.can filter up to 1 gallon of water an hour(large ones) 5. inner purple and white shell is called "wampum" and used for jewelry 6.some shells have almost no purple while others have lots! (info from: The Uncommon Guide to Common Life on Narragansett Bay)

I have a dish heaped with these pretty shells right alongside my sea glass display.  Isn't it funny what little things can make you happy?!

Here's to a great week of beach combing:)




April 30, 2017


Countdown For Sea Glass Jewelry Sale!


Use code word: MOM at checkout to receive 20%off purchase and be entered for jewelry item of your choice:)

Get that favorite piece before it's gone!black gold amazonite and white sea glass anklet

April 18, 2017

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Sea Glass Jewelry for Mother's Day -Yes, Please!!

The grass is getting greener, the daffodils are starting to pop up and some days I can feel the warmth of the sun when I'm outside!

I love Spring and the changes that take place outside in nature.  It's easier to feel hopeful and happy when the sun is shining and the birds are chirping!

I also love Mother's Day.  I have 2 beautiful adult step-daughters and 1 amazing teen son.  I'm an "older" Mom, but I love every second of it!! (well, almost every second:)

SO, in celebration of Mother's Day, please enjoy 20% OFF every purchase through May 2nd!  Just write in the code word (MOM) at checkout. AND, 1 person will be chosen to receive a piece of Coastal Charms Sea Glass Jewelry for free (YOUR CHOICE).

The winner will be announced on May 4th on the Coastal Charms Sea Glass Jewelry facebook page.

Hope the rest of your week is fantastic:)

D.sea glass jewelry

April 01, 2017


Behind the Scenes at the Sea Glass Boutique

I apologize for not being in touch recently!  An unexpected wholesale opportunity was presented to me and I decided to try it.

I'm making "beachy" sea glass miniature bottle necklaces and key chains.  It's a fun new venture and I'll see where it leads:)

In the meantime, I'm having lots of fun creating new feminine sea glass jewelry designs ( with matching necklaces to layer ) for the Coastal Charms online boutique!!

Spring is here and warmer weather is sure to be here soon.  Hope you've been able to find some time to get outside and interact with Nature!

Have a wonderful weekend:)  

p.s.- my necklaces are in the crate in the front of the first shelf of display!

D.sea glass jewelry display

March 10, 2017


Sea Glass Necklace With Roman Bead Accents Just Listed

Woo hoo!  March is here.  Yay:)  I'm going to totally ignore the fact that school was closed today and it's snowing outside my window! 

So, I just listed a new sea glass design that I hope you love as much as I do.  It's simple and feminine and here in time for Saint Patrick's Day OR just to remind you of Spring with it's pretty green sea glass.

The green sea glass has been drilled and wire wrapped onto a gold filled chain.  The different thing about this necklace, is that I accented the sea glass with 2 green Roman glass beads!  Yup.  I've just recently learned about Roman glass and it's pretty fascinating.

Roman glass is ancient glass that's been found at excavation sites in Israel and in other Mediterranean countries.  According to Google, the color of the glass was determined by the levels of metals in the sand.

If there was just a small amount of iron in the sand, the glass would turn green.  Isn't that cool?  I purchased some glass beads online and according to the package, they are from 100-400 A.D.!!

Hoping for sunny skies tomorrow:)  Be well.


Debgreen sea glass on gold filled chain

February 28, 2017


6 Great Beaches for Beachcombing

If you're anything like me, you are always excited to hear about new beaches to explore!  Whether you're on the hunt for shells or just random beach treasures, these beaches are supposed to be good according to USA Today author Terry Ward!

- Mocrocks Beach in Washington (clams)-Block Island, Rhode Island (scallop shells and sea glass) - Delaware Seashore State Park, Delaware (whelks, scallops)- Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California (lots of sea glass here, but you can't take it!)- Kee Waydin Island, Florida (starfish, sand dollars, urchins)- and Holly Beach, LA (periwinkles and conch).

I live driving distance to a handful of beautiful beaches, but I'm pretty sure I know what I'll discover every time... green, white and brown sea glass with a chip or two of cobalt or sea foam blue!!  I try not to be envious of the beach combers who post handfuls of sea glass, pottery, figurines, rare colors, etc...

The weather is getting warmer so get out there and explore:))

Have fun:)


February 19, 2017


The Lesson I Learned About My Sea Glass Jewelry

You spoke.

I listened.  Honestly!

You work hard in your job and trying to get everything done on your to-do list.  I get it!

Buying a piece of sea glass jewelry is an expense that you have to feel good about.  That being said, I've slashed all the prices on my sea glass necklaces:))

Now you can know that you've made a sensible purchase for a beautiful keepsake piece of jewelry.  It'll remind you of the beach and ocean, keep that connection to nature going, AND you're donating to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation!!!

What's not to love about that I ask?

So, here's to a happy shopping experience!!



p.s.- the lesson I've learned, is to price my sea glass jewelry more with YOU in mind:)

February 12, 2017


Honesty and Kindness Take First and Second Place!

 It's the New Year and I want to make Coastal Charms Sea Glass Jewelry the best online shopping experience possible, so I recently sent out a survey to a few of my best customers. The results are still coming in, but I'm so happy to see that the values of honesty and kindness are top ranking among my cherished customers!!

Reading some of the survey answers, was as if I was reading my own answers:))  Honesty has always been important to me and how I've lived my life, as well as kindness.  These are values that I hope come across when people interact with Coastal Charms!

I have so many sea glass designs in my head, but I want to design what makes YOU happy:)  I am gaining insight, thanks to everyone who took the time to answer the survey questions!!

I hope that you have an amazing Valentine's Day and that no one gets snowed in!!!

With love,


January 30, 2017


Sea Glass Jewelry Makes A Perfect Valentine's Day Gift!!

Sea Glass Jewelry is:  one of a kind, unique, connects you with nature, reminds you of summer days at the beach, doesn't make you look fat, doesn't wilt after a few days and always makes you feel beautiful!

Need more convincing?  Check out these possibilities.  They would make a wonderful Valentine's Day gift to yourself or your loved one.:)

Remember to message me if you need a length changed!!  I just figured out how to offer different length options, so from this point forward it'll be easier to choose your favorite length.

Have a wonderful week!

With love and gratitude,


p.s.- the necklaces are found under NECKLACES in the: wire wrapped, gold filled, and just for fun categoriessea glass necklaces for Valentine's Day gifts

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