Sea Glass Jewelry in Magical Color Combinations

My Mermaid Tears Sea Glass Jewelry Collection is all about combining beautiful sea glass colors together to make an unforgettable impression!  I have been drawn to certain colors and decided to find out their meanings.

I discovered research results on the psychology of color.  This information was gathered by a group called the Colour Affects Network.  They have all kinds of information on color.  Who knew?

According to the research: RED - positively symbolizes courage and  strength and negatively stands for aggression BLUE - trust, serenity,and calm are the positives with aloofness and unfriendliness being the negatives YELLOW - has the properties of optimism, confidence and friendliness with fear and anxiety being the negatives GREEN - harmony, universal love and peace are the positive properties with boredom being the negative VIOLET - spiritual awareness, luxury, authenticity and truth are the positives with introversion and suppresion being the negatives ORANGE -physical comfort warmth, and sensuality are positive and frustration is the negative PINK - physical tranquility, nurture, love, and being feminine with inhibition and physical weakness being the negatives GREY - the only color without psychological properties WHITE -purity,clarity with coldness being a negative.

Some of the Mermaid Tears Sea Glass jewelry combinations are: pink, green and yellow: tranquility, nurture, love-harmony,peace-optimism  

Another sea glass combo I use: Amethyst (violet), sea foam blue and white -spiritual awareness, authenticity- trust, serenity-clarity

A third sea glass combination I use: Cobalt blue, cornflower blue and aqua - trust, serenity and calm

I LOVE the meanings of the sea glass combinations used in Coastal Charms Jewelry and I hope you do too!











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Mary norfleet
Mary norfleet

March 10, 2016

Beautiful jewelry

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