How These 5 Tips Can Help You Succeed At Trade Shows

As always, I learned SO much at the last sea glass expo!!  Maybe, some of my learning experiences will help you to be even more successful at your own trade show!

1.  It is a great idea to have a "wing man"!  The sea glass expo was so crowded at times, and I know that if I hadn't had a friend with me, I would have felt a bit intimidated.  Also, it is important to have another set of eyes on your sea glass inventory, if you are busy making a sale.  Sadly, theft is a reality you need to be on alert for.

2.  Put your sign up ON the table or wall behind you.  My sign was below on the front of my table.  It was so busy, that the line in front of the table blocked my sign so people were not sure who I was.

3.  MOST IMPORTANT - Bring a few basic tools with you, so that you are able to at least make length adjustments for customers!  I lost out on a couple of very significant sales, because I wasn't able to adjust the length on sea glass necklaces right then and there!!

4.  Smaller IS sometimes better!  At least for me, people gravitated to the smaller items.

5.  Pack lunch, waters and snacks!!  I was STARVING and you don't have a guarantee of when you will be able to sneak away to eat:))

Hope these help and good luck!!!sea glass expo line

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