5 Similarities Between Solopreneurs and Olympians

Have you been watching the Olympics?  I'm always inspired by watching these amazing athletes.  I've watched a little of the swimming and gymnastics. (my favs)

I got to thinking that as a solopreneur in the sea glass jewelry business, there are similarities between us and the athletes that compete at the Olympics! (can you tell I'm in fighting mode right now?)

1. In order to succeed, you HAVE to believe in your dreams! 100% ALWAYS!! (you can't listen to negative Nancy)

2. When you run into a challenge, or unexpected problem you CAN'T QUIT.  In the words of Marie Forleo, "everything is figureoutable"

3.  You must give yourself positive affirmations: "I can do this..I WILL succeed..."

4.  Sometimes, helping out your competitor is more satisfying than winning (or making another sale)

5.  You MUST be disciplined and take action every single day towards your goals.

So, I will continue to fight my hardest towards my goals of creating an amazing online sea glass jewelry boutique for YOU!!

Now. GO USA!!!


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