Which Sea Glass Is The Most Rare?

When I discover a beautiful piece of sea glass during one of my walks along the beach, I wonder about it's origin and how many years it took to make it so smooth and frosty in appearance. I usually find whites, browns, and kelly greens, unless I am visiting my step-daughter. On her beach we can find more rare colors like cobalt blue and aqua. My personal favorites are aqua and turquoise. Sea glass colors are categorized into four groups: 1)COMMON: kelly green, brown, and white 2)UNCOMMON: seafoam green, soft blue, forest green, lime green, jade, amber, and golden amber 3)RARE: purple, citron, white(opaque), cobalt blue, cornflower blue, aqua, and pink 4)EXTREMELY RARE: gray, teal, black, yellow, turquoise, red, and orange In Richard LaMotte's book: Pure Sea Glass, it is stated that a person might be able to find a piece of white(clear) sea glass in 1 out of 10 finds, as opposed to a piece of extremely rare orange, which would be 1 out of 10,000!! As you can imagine, I have never found a red or orange piece of sea glass, but I still enjoy "the hunt" and wondering which color might be my next find.

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