Where Did My Favorite Colored Sea Glass Come From?

I have to say my favorite sea glass colors are aqua and turquoise. Aqua colored glass was used a lot by fruit jar producers such as Ball and Mason. It was also used for soda and mineral water bottles. Most sea glass comes from bottles, however, the most rare colors are often from decorative tableware such as: turquoise, pink, orange, red, and gray. Red could also come from running lights on boats. The pretty pale purple or amethyst colored sea glass was actually clear glass that contains manganese. The manganese oxidizes to a faint purple over time. Teal was a color used for early baking powder containers, mineral water, ink, and condiments. Cornflower blue was used in Phillip's Milk of Magnesia bottles, noxema containers and for decorative glass. Soft blue and soft green were used for soda and beer bottles. ( I know I'll never look at a brown beer bottle quite the same way again:)) Cobalt blue was used in medicine and poison bottles, as well as, Bromo-seltzer and Vicks.

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