Sea Glass Beads

If you are into making jewelry with beads, you are probably aware of "sea glass beads". These beads are available on several websites. They use recycled glass to create beads which supposedly are similar to real, authentic sea glass. These "sea glass" beads come in any shape you could imagine. Of course, each shape is perfect without any rough edges or shiny spots. The real beach sea glass is the inspiration for these beads. Sea glass jewelry has become very popular and ,of course, it isn't easy to find the real thing. For some people this is the next best option. NOT FOR ME!!!! I guess I have become a sea glass snob!! To me, there isn't any comparison in the color, feel, depth, or shape of real authentic sea glass compared to the beads. I will continue to hunt for the real deal, even though it is a lot more difficult, I think the reward is much greater!!

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