Create Your Own Sea Glass Gift!

What gift could have more meaning than one created by you? There are many fun, easy, and relatively inexpensive items you can make using the sea glass you have found on your walks along the beach. The absolute easiest thing to do is to fill a clear bowl or container with your sea glass and position it on a windowsill or tabletop where the light will shine through. Beautiful! If you own a hot glue gun, you can decorate so many things. I made a beautiful picture frame by white washing a barnboard frame, and once it dried, I glued on some sea glass in one corner. Once the sea glass had dried, I added some favorite shells on top. Now the frame holds one of my favorite photographs. You can do a similar thing with clear candle votives, plain or plastic light switch plates, or even a serving tray. If you decorate something large like the serving tray, set out your sea glass pattern first, before you glue it. Once you have created a design you like, then start glueing the sea glass, one piece at a time. You can use mosaic grout to fill in the cracks. Another cute idea is to place three clear candle holders on an inexpensive tray and surround them with your sea glass scattered around the bottom. How about making a sea glass windchime? You could use an embroidery hoop and tie (and glue) your pieces of sea glass to it. What a wonderful sea glass accent for someone's porch! It sounds great too. In C.S.Lambert's book: A Passion For Sea Glass, she shows a photograph of a floating candle. I love this idea! Place your sea glass in the bottom of a clear bowl or vase, fill with water(leaving at least two inches from the top) add a capful of bleach to prevent algae growth and place your lightweight candle votive on top! With a little imagination (or help from Google) you should be able to create a wonderful, meaningful gift using your sea glass!

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