Trends in Jewelry For 2013

So many fun new trends to watch in the coming months! I am trying to see what is in style and then figure a way I can use sea glass in a similar design. Most of my sea glass designs are pretty conservative, however, it will be a fun challenge to try to encorporate some new elements! Some of the more upscale stores are showing pendant cluster necklaces...that one is easy for me as I have already designed a multi-sea glass pendant necklace:) THE color of the season is reported to be emerald green! I have some gorgeous emerald green multi sea glass stones from the U.K. which I look forward to making into beautiful necklaces!! Chain and sparkle are big this season and those are easy to use...I have heard from my oldest step-daughter that turquoise is big, so I am going to branch out and try to use that in some sea glass bracelet and necklace designs. I am off to design a new bracelet using my authentic sea glass and some turquoise...wish me luck!

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