What Inspires You?

I had so much fun this morning. My step-daughter and I attended a local show called: Girls With Great Lines. Isn't that cute? My problem is that I love sitting in my little work space creating jewelry designs, but I am not great at marketing myself. As we walked through the aisles and browsed the beautiful hand-made items, I kept asking myself why I didn't sign up for the event?! I have to say that after seeing all of the different booths, I was definitely inspired to get to work creating!! I am inspired my so many things....first and foremost is my step-daughter who creates the most beautiful candles. When I see the work of other jewelers I try to find a way to create something similar with my sea glass jewelry. Magazines are another great source of inspiration for me. I can glance through and quickly see what the current trend is and how I can make that work for me and the sea glass jewelry. Now, when I watch the news or E.entertainment ( yes, I confess), I am looking to see what everyone is wearing for accessories. Inspiration is everywhere if you are looking:))

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