Tools of the Trade

I love wire-wrapping, so I guess it makes sense that I use that technique for most of my necklaces. I have 5 tools that I really use for every piece of jewelry that I make. The tools I use every day are: The round nose pliers for making loops and coils, the chain nose pliers to hold the item I am working on in place, the crimping pliers which are good if you are making a beaded item and you need to flatten a crimp, but I most often use these to make the wire wrap nice and tight. We can't forget the wire cutters. These are great to trim leftover wire. Lastly, I use a really sharp pair of scissors for lots of different things. One of the things I love most about creating jewelry out of sea glass, is that each and every piece of sea glass is different and could be used in a different way. When I examine each piece, I make sure it is smooth and relatively ding-free! ( I think I just made up that term:) Then I take into account its color and size and determine what type of jewelry it would be best suited for. My handy tools help to make that idea into a reality. I love working with these jewels from Mother Nature.

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