Looking For Seaglass in Maine

Since it was school vacation for our kids this week, we decided to explore Maine a little bit. I have heard that Maine has great sea glass, so of course, I had to add looking for sea glass to our agenda. We were only there for a couple of days, but we did get to check out a couple of good beaches. One place was a cove where the waves really came crashing in. You really had to wait for low tide to have any chance to look for sea glass. It was very, very rocky and hard to walk, but when you did find a piece of sea glass, it was nice and smooth and chunky. We didn't find many pieces of sea glass at this location, but it was very beautiful and lots of fun looking! The second beach we went to was more calm with fewer rocks. We actually found more sea glass here, however, the sea glass wasn't really "cooked" enough for me to use in jewelry. I could use it in my suncatchers though. The weather was great and my husband and son got into the spirit of the search as well. We all had the "sea glass stoop" going on for a while. Maybe, we'll check out California next year??

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