Necklace Styles

For my Coastal Charms sea glass necklaces, I tend to use 3 of the main necklace styles. Each necklace is given a different name depending upon its length. A collar necklace is 12"-13" and usually for formal evening wear. I don't usually make this length. A choker is 14"-16" and usually falls above the neckline. The princess length is 17"-19". This length is very versatile and good for high or low necklines. My signature sterling charm sea glass necklace is usually 16"-19" making it very wearable! The matinee length is 20"-24" and this necklace falls just above the bustline. It looks great with a high neckline. My sea glass pendant necklace and the hammered sea glass necklace are usually 18"-21" falling in between the princess and matinee length. The opera length is 28"-36". I will only design a sea glass necklace with this length if I have a special request, as well as the rope length, which is over 36"! Sea glass is so precious I feel it should be worn up high where everyone can see it:))

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