Gemstone Accents

When I am designing a sea glass necklace, or sea glass bracelet, it is fun for me to incorporate matching crystals or gemstones. It just gives the piece a bit more dimension. Many gemstones are thought to have healing powers to their wearers. I love my birthstone which is aquamarine, and I decided to find out what its mythical meaning is. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March. The name is derived from the Latin word aqua, which means water, and marina, meaning the sea. What a coincidence!!! I think this is totally appropriate, since I love the sea and sea glass and designing sea glass jewelry:) Aquamarine was believed to protect sailors and guarantee them a safe voyage. Supposedly, wearing this gemstone allows one to remain calm and level headed. Hmmm...I think I should wear mine more often! Aquamarine is mined mainly in Brazil. It is colored by trace amounts of iron. The deeper the blue, the higher the price. Who knew my little birthstone was so interesting?

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