Introducing a New Guest Blogger

This is my first time blogging, and as a senior citizen, I'm a bit nervous because anything having to do with computers does not come naturally to me. I don't know if there is a right way or a wrong way to blog, but I'll do my best. Now, what better subject is there to blog about than Deb's sea glass jewelry treasures? My name is Katherine. I live in Northeastern Ohio (about 10 miles south of Lake Erie.) As I am driving West, there is a large hill on my street. If I glance over very quickly (so I don't get hit head-on by an oncoming car), I can see the lake (weather conditions permitting) every time I drive that way. My husband and I love the lake, and we drive to a park there once a week to observe and listen to it. In the winter, we are usually the only ones there (crazy enough to be out in the freezing cold +wind), and it is fascinating to walk along the shoreline and see the waves frozen into ice sculptures. Up until three years ago when my daughter and her husband moved to Cape Cod (he is in the Air Force), I had never heard of sea glass. On our first visit there, we visited several gift shops and this beautiful jewelry caught my eye. I didn't purchase any. But, I could not get this unique jewelry out of my mind, so I went online and the Coastal Charms Jewelry website caught my eye. I checked it out, and after seeing the gorgeous jewelry pieces online, I've been a follower ever since. Deb is so talented, and I admire her for having the patience to go to the beach and look for just the right piece of sea glass. Then, as an artist, she creates such lovely jewelry for us to admire and purchase. Here, in Ohio, glass discovered along the shoreline of the Great Lakes is called "beach" glass. Glass discovered along the shoreline of the ocean is called "sea" glass. Also, I learned that a friend of mine just started making beach glass jewelry. So, I asked her a lot of questions about the craft, and I will share the answers with you in future blogs. Happy Holidays to All, Katherine

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