Finding Balance in 2014

This has been the topic of conversation among my friends lately. Designing sea glass jewelry brings me joy, but my to-do list continues to grow and I have been struggling to find the time I need to design, drill sea glass, post, write blogs, etc... I have decided to LET GO OF THE GUILT!!!! Yup, I am going to exercise more and take the time I need to create my sea glass jewelry. Yes, it will be at the expense of something else. My dinners may be less exciting (if that is possible:)) my laundry may pile up, and my house may not be as clean as it could be, but if I am healthier and happier being able to work with sea glass then I think it will be worth it. Hopefully, I will be a better Mom, wife, and friend for it! ( oh yes, and jewelry designer too!) Good luck with your New Year's Resolutions! I'll let you know how mine goes:))

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