Jewelry Trends for 2014

It is that time of year again when I start to wonder what new designs to create....what will women be wearing? JCK has printed an article written by Jennifer Heebner listing the 12 new trends. My challenge is always to look at the trends and determine how I might be able to encorporate them into sea glass jewelry. So, here is the list: 1. abalone- the inner layer of a type of sea snail has a pretty mother -of-pearl lining....this could definitely be added to a sea glass necklace! 2- the color fuschia....hmmm, English sea glass can come close to this color in its multi's sometimes. 3- orange..well, since orange sea glass is the MOST RARE of them all, I don't think I will be able to use that, however, we can always add orange crystals as an accent! 4-blue...HA! That one is right up our ally:)) Sea glass comes in many gorgeous shades of blue YAY!! 5-yellow-gold...well, I do have some yellow sea glass, but it is also considered extremely rare, so it isn't in many sea glass designs.6- chevron and pyramid patterns..nope, won't be doing that 7- stickpins....great idea for using sea glass!! 8- body jewelry, probably NOT 9-minimilist, well, I am designing necklaces with a single piece of sea glass and maybe 1 tiny crystal (that's minimalist isn't it?) 10-bracelets...we've got lots of sea glass bracelets, and the kind you can layer on too! 11-watches..nope 12-stud earrings...they can definitely be made of sea glass:) Well, I would say we can definitely encorporate some of the latest trends into our sea glass designs!!

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