Sand Dollars and Sea Glass...some of my favorite things

10-02-12 sanddollar necklaces 001 I have always loved sand dollars.  Actually, I love sea glass, sand dollars, starfish and anything that has to do with the ocean or beach.  That is probably why the first sea glass necklace I created included either a sterling silver sand dollar charm or starfish.  I never realized that sand dollars have different names in different places.  In New Zealand they are called sea cookie or snapper biscuit.  In South Africa they are called pansy shell.  Sand dollars are actually a species of a flattened sea urchin.  When they are still living they use their spines to burrow in the sand.  If they are washed ashore they become bleached white by the sunlight.  It is their resemblence to a large coin that gave them the name sand dollar. Folklore states that when sand dollars are broken open,  5 white doves are released to spread peace across the universe.  The "doves" are actually the 5 jaws of the sand dollars mouth.  Sand dollars have also been said to be washed up Mermaid's coins:))  The back side of the sand dollar is said to resemble a poinsettia. I just think they are pretty and I love to photograph my sea glass jewelry with a crisp white sand dollar in the background! (As you can see in the photo:))  

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