Why You Should Participate in the Local Craft Fairs!

Setting up at the Falmouth Street Fair. Setting up at the Falmouth Street Fair. I have to be honest.  I am not one who usually looks forward to becoming involved in a craft fair.  Recently, however, I did participate in the local Falmouth Street Fair and I am so glad I did!!  I learned so many things in that one day and it was really fun to get to talk to other people who love sea glass as much as I do:))  I met many visitors who shared their favorite sea glass hunting spots!  Some of the children wanted to tell me about the different colors of sea glass they have found.  I did display a chart explaining the rarity of the different sea glass colors and I think people enjoyed checking that out. As far as sea glass jewelry designs, it was very helpful to hear what people would prefer as far as clasps, sea glass colors, lengths, etc...  I had several requests for sea glass anklets which I had never made before, but now I will!  I also enjoyed getting to know some of the other vendors. I hope that I was a good listener on that day and that my sea glass designs will reflect what I learned!  The positive feedback was nice too!!  So if you are hesitant about participating, don't be!  It is well worth your time:))  

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