What Is Coastal Charms Sea Glass Jewelry's Brand?

business card Good  question! After reading up on this a bit, I realize that I need to rethink my brand! A brand, according to Wikipedia is a name, term, design, symbol, or another feature that identifies a seller's product from another seller. Branding was initially used to differentiate cattle. A symbol was branded onto the cattle with a branding iron. A logo often represents a specific brand. Well, that being said, the title of my website is: Coastal Charms Jewelry. (but, coastal charms sea glass jewelry will take you to the same place). I have a picture of a sand dollar on my website in the title. Yet, I have a starfish on my jewelry cards. What I don't seem to have is a lot of consistency!!! I need to rethink things a bit. The one thing I do have that I like, is my tag line: "connect with nature, soothe your soul". I really do like that. I am also sure of what I want Coastal Charms Sea Glass Jewelry to represent! I want it to represent quality, beauty, nature, a peaceful and tranquil existence, a healthy lifestyle...I want it to be an approachable, responsive brand! Does that make any sense? Coastal Charms Sea Glass Jewelry is a work in progress and I learn something new almost every day! I hope you will have patience with us as we grow and continue to learn how to be a better business.

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