Adding Hill Tribe Touches to Sea Glass Designs

1102002 Sometimes when I am creating a new sea glass bracelet or necklace design, I will browse through some of the main online beading stores for inspiration.  I often stop to look at the Hill Tribe silver sections.  The Karen Hill Tribe silver is made by Hill Tribe people in northern Thailand.  They are respected as expert silver smiths and make every piece by hand.  Their silver beads, pendants and findings are a bit more expensive, but they use between 95% and 99% silver!  Each piece is one of a kind.  I know that when I incorporate one of these charms in my sea glass design, it is just adding to the value of it!  This is a source of income for the Hill Tribe people and today they are quite successful.  After learning about the tribe people, it makes me want to use more of this fine silver in my sea glass jewelry designs!

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