The Tools I Use to Make Sea Glass Jewelry

tools My sea glass jewelry making tools are the basic ones you can find just about anywhere.  Mine are not the super expensive ones ( 1 or 2 are from Walmart!).  At some point, I would like to invest in some higher end tools, but for now mine are working just fine.   The tools I use on a regular basis are: 1. round nose pliers - for forming nice loops with your wire, 2. flat nose pliers - for making sharp bends and opening and closing jump rings, 3. crimpers - to close crimp beads ( and I use mine to tighten a wrapped loop sometimes), 4. side cutters - to trim the excess wire, 5. multi sized looper - to help make loops in different sizes.  I also use a ruler to measure my chain length and wire before cutting.  Scissors are always a handy item to have on hand as well.  I didn't show my Dremel which I use to drill the sea glass. With a minimum investment, you can be on your way to creating beautiful beaded or wire-wrapped jewelry!  These tools will become your friends:))  

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