How Can I Adapt Sea Glass to the 2015 Predicted Jewelry Trends??

[caption id="attachment_257" align="alignnone" width="300"]Style Trends #1 and #2 Sea Glass in Gold and Perfect for Layering!! Style Trends #1 and #2
Sea Glass in Gold and Perfect for Layering!![/caption] It is a new year and time to re-evaluate and plan for 2015.  The 2015 projected jewelry trends according to JCK the leading trade publication are as follows: 1. yellow gold - Hooray, because I have already started to incorporate gold in some of my sea glass jewelry designs! 2. layering necklaces -Yeah again!!  Our sea glass necklaces are PERFECT for layering:)) 3. leather bracelets with charms - problem....we can do this 4. stacking rings - probably won't be doing sea glass rings 5.60's and 70's - think Bohemian- well, we could definitely do some geometric shapes with our sea glass necklaces 6.cuff bracelets - nope 7. ear climbers - nope 8.colored diamonds - nope 9.vintage inspired - I love the idea of combining sea glass with a vintage bead or button!! 10. purples, reds,pinks - perfect sea glass colors :))  11. fun color combinations - think sea glass stackers!!!  12. statement necklaces- DONE!  Sea glass always makes a statement!!  

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July 30, 2015

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