Too Much Time Promoting and Too Little Time Creating Sea Glass Jewelry!!!

tri pk, yell, gr full                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Are you finding this to be true as well?  I am spending more and more time trying to get my little business known and having less time to do the thing I love most which is design my sea glass jewelry!  I would love to hear from other jewelry makers and hear what their solution is to this problem!  Sea glass jewelry isn't something I can mass takes time.  I have to find or purchase the sea glass, examine each piece and determine how to best enhance it to show off its beauty.  Then it takes me a while to decide on which accents to use.  If I drill it or wire wrap it that takes time.  When a piece of sea glass jewelry is completed , I then have to photograph it and upload it to my website.  That is what makes sea glass jewelry so very special!!! The very fact that it can't be mass produced!  HOWEVER, there are SO MANY people now making jewelry, I feel that to stay in the game, I have to really get out there and promote my sea glass designs.  I am an organized person and I mark my calender with the days I need to post on the different sites, but life has a way of interfering with the best intentions!!  How to manage all of the hats we must wear???  That is the big question:))  Do you have any answers?  Would love to hear from you if so!!

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