A New Discovery For Marketing My Sea Glass Jewelry

Do you want to know what it is?  I am sure you do!  I am just so very tired of spending hours upon hours trying to get my jewelry line known to the world.  I made a commitment to myself to try some different approaches this year.  My joy is to create beautiful sea glass jewelry.  Like so many of you, I am sure, the time I actually get to  design jewelry is becoming less and less.  Well, I was recently approached about doing a collab.  I didn't even know what a collab was!!! (forgive me, I am probably older than you).  I emailed the person asking, and found out she was interesting in COLLABORATING!!!   I thought this was a potentially genius idea:)))  Potentially, is the key word though because I am very skeptical about new things, but I was interested enough to look into it a bit more.  Eva is a model, blogger and fashion student.  She sent me very detailed information about the terms and I decided to throw caution to the wind and try it. BEST DECISION I have ever made!!!!!  Have I mentioned that she has a following of 55K???  I, have a following of 2K  maybe on facebook:(    She couldn't have been more professional and prompt keeping her word about everything.   Let me also mention,  I am IN LOVE with the photos of her modeling my sea glass jewelry.  She is truly a beautiful person inside and out!!   NOW, I must caution you that I was lucky!!!  I have been taken before when I tried something similar, but I hadn't done enough background research. Sea glass is beautiful on its own, but when you pair it with a beautiful model, it is outstanding!!!  WIN-WIN:)))) Check out Eva's blog: www.evacatherine.comeva new collage

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