Will You Rate Your Favorite Coastal Charms Sea Glass Jewelry Designs?

Hi sea glass friends.  I am so blessed to have amazing customers.  I was wondering if any of you would be willing to rate your favorite sea glass designs on my website... I would love to hear what you like to see in designs and what you do not prefer.  Is there a sea glass design you would like to see added to our website?  What are your favorite sea glass colors?  What is your favorite length for a necklace and why?  I try to add a few new sea glass designs each season to stay current, but any input you might be able to offer would be truly appreciated! The snow has left Cape Cod and the sun has been teasing us off and on with its presence.  I am getting excited about the summer season and hope you are too!  I look forward to hearing your thoughts on sea glass designs!! Until next time,April8-3 Deb

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