A Sea Glass Necklace Named for Mermaid Tears

I couldn't resist!    I have always been fascinated with the magical, mysterious journey a shard of sea glass must take before reaching its final destination.  Technically speaking, according to WiseGeek, Mermaid Tears is another name for sea glass.  Most of you know that sea glass originated from pieces of broken bottles and glass many, many years ago.  After being tumbled by the waves and bashed about by the rocks, the glass becomes more smooth and frosted.  Well, as legend has it, Mermaids had the power to change the course of nature.  The powerful God of the Sea, Neptune forbid them to do so.  One mermaid  calmed the violent wind and rough seas for a captain and his ship which she had become familiar with.  For disobeying Neptune and saving the captains life, Neptune banished the mermaid to the oceans forbidding her to surface or swim with the ships again.  It is her gleaming sea glass tears we find washed up on the beaches to this day.   How can you not love that story!! So, in honor of all Mermaids, legendary and real I have named one of my necklaces: Three Mermaid Tears Necklace.  It is elegant and features 3 pieces of genuine sea  glass.  Maybe, it will give you the power to change your own course when you are wearing it:))multi 3-19-15    

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