Sea Glass Everything

sea glass candy at Cake & Islands  Do you realize how popular sea glass is right now?  If you are involved with sea glass jewelry you already know that it is unbelievably popular!   Everyone is out at the beach searching for those special gifts from nature.  When I started thinking about all the things being named sea glass these days, I decided to make a list: 1. Restaurants - Seaglass Restaurant is an upscale restaurant on Salisbury Beach   2. Novel - SeaGlass written by Anita Shreve  3. Sea Glass Inn and Spa - located in Provincetown, MA   4. Seaglass Performing Arts- an adult choral group 5. sea glass soap  6.  sea glass candy - Cake & Islands is a bakery on Cape Cod that also makes fabulous sea glass colored and shaped candy 7. Seaglass Tower - a hotel in Myrtle Beach  8. sea glass wine :)) 9. SeaGlass Colours paint by Benjamin Moore 10. Sea Glass books and calendars and , most importantly, 11. sea glass jewelry!!  I am sure I could think of even more things named for sea glass, but you get the idea.  The beauty and mysterious allure of sea glass captivates  many more people than just artists!! Send me a message if I forgot an obvious sea glass item.  :))    

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