Why Do I Make Sea Glass Jewelry?

I am so glad you asked!  My tag line is: Connect with nature to soothe your soul.  When I was recovering from a major surgery I couldn't do much physical activity.  I decided to teach myself how to make a pair of earrings.  The surprising thing is that I did!  That progressed to wanting to make a pair of sea glass earrings.  I  had loved sea glass ever since decorating barn board frames with it.  I would walk the beach in search of sea glass to use for my earrings.  I discovered a couple of things. ( it wasn't sea glass for the earrings).    I discovered that as beautiful as it is to live here on Cape Cod, it is not the best place to find jewelry quality sea glass...especially two matching pieces!  I also realized, that I felt more at peace and much less worried about my health and everything else when I walked on the beach.  I began to feel more lighthearted and that was a wonderful feeling.  Last week, when I held my facebook contest I asked people what their favorite leisure time activity was.  It was NOT surprising to me, that all responses except for one, involved being outside and interacting with nature in some way.  Nature has a magical way of making us feel better!  When I am searching for sea glass or designing sea glass jewelry, I am able to recall that feeling of calm and inner peace.  My hope is that when you are wearing my sea glass jewelry, you will be reminded of your walk on the beach and the good feelings you had.Fal beach 9-16-14  

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