5 Things I Learned Selling Sea Glass Jewelry at the Street Festival

Wow!  I can't believe it has been almost a month since I have written.  Summertime is such a busy time!  The Falmouth Street Festival was amazing as always.  So much fun meeting everyone.  This year, I learned 5 important things at my Coastal Charms Sea Glass Jewelry tent.  1.  SHOW the prices!!  I am not kidding.  One person came by and when she had to pick up one of my packages and flip it over to see the price (which may have been written a bit small), she was MAD.  A friend who was helping me out that day said that if people need to ask the price, it makes them feel more obligated to buy.  Do you think so??  Maybe!  I honestly feel like I price my sea glass jewelry well and I always discount the sea glass items a bit at the street fair.  2.  Have the sea glass items OUT of the packages.  My sea glass designs are mostly sterling silver and I always worry about tarnishing, but on that day they need to be out so people can touch! 3.  Don't be too overwhelming with the display and have every single sea glass item out.  It is just too distracting for people walking by. 4.  Remember that it might be windy that day!  I was excited with my new sea glass jewelry display stand.  I could place my pretty jewelry packages in the stand and the sea glass jewelry didn't have to be out.  Great idea until the rain and wind started....let's just say I got my exercise running around the front of the tent and picking up the sea glass packages from the ground every time a wind gust blew by!  5.  Be adaptable with your designs!  I made a few sea glass sales that day just because I was willing to change up designs a bit.  It is always educational.  It is always an experience.  It is always FUN!!  See the stand below!!!!




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