6 Great Beaches for Beachcombing

If you're anything like me, you are always excited to hear about new beaches to explore!  Whether you're on the hunt for shells or just random beach treasures, these beaches are supposed to be good according to USA Today author Terry Ward!

- Mocrocks Beach in Washington (clams)-Block Island, Rhode Island (scallop shells and sea glass) - Delaware Seashore State Park, Delaware (whelks, scallops)- Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California (lots of sea glass here, but you can't take it!)- Kee Waydin Island, Florida (starfish, sand dollars, urchins)- and Holly Beach, LA (periwinkles and conch).

I live driving distance to a handful of beautiful beaches, but I'm pretty sure I know what I'll discover every time... green, white and brown sea glass with a chip or two of cobalt or sea foam blue!!  I try not to be envious of the beach combers who post handfuls of sea glass, pottery, figurines, rare colors, etc...

The weather is getting warmer so get out there and explore:))

Have fun:)


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