Grateful For All Of The Support I Have Received On My Sea Glass Jewelry Journey

I have been so blessed to have such supportive friends and even repeat customers while I try to learn and grow my sea glass jewelry business.  The first friend I want to acknowledge this month is Elaine.  It was her effusive compliments about my first pair of  hand made sea glass earrings that gave me the courage to really try to become skilled at designing sea glass jewelry.  She wears my sea glass earrings to work and my wooden bead and sea glass bracelets while she teaches her yoga classes.  She will often have on Coastal Charms Sea Glass Jewelry when she goes out with friends.  This past Spring, Elaine recommended my jewelry to a local shop owner who agreed to take it on!  E. is always on the look out for possible places to showcase my sea glass jewelry.  Her friendship and support have helped me remain encouraged and determined to make a successful business!  It also doesn't hurt that she is adorable and a great model:))  So thanks E. for your friendship and support as I continue this means everything!!

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