My Most Loyal Sea Glass Jewelry Customer

A series on gratefulness would not be complete without mentioning a very special customer.  Her name is Kathy V.  Kathy V. is from NE Ohio (near the shores of beautiful Lake Erie). She made her first sea glass jewelry purchase a few years ago, and since that time she has been my most loyal customer!  She always "likes" my posts and often comments on them.  Over the past few years we have learned a bit about each other.  Her love of sea glass began when a friend of hers showed her some jewelry she had made from glass that she had found on the beaches of Lake Erie.  Her friend gets up early and is always the first one on the beach looking for beach glass.  Kathy V. retired from teaching 4 years ago and now loves spending time with her family and 8 month old granddaughter.  She has learned to knit, is taking piano lessons, has a weekly walking group and attends a weekly Bible study meeting , as well as volunteers with different church missions.  Kathy loves to travel with her husband and recently cruised to Alaska to celebrate their 46th wedding anniversary.  Kathy V. says her favorite piece of Coastal Charms Jewelry is the very first piece she purchased.  It is a bracelet made of pastel colored sea glass.  She loves it because she can wear it almost every day either alone or with other bracelets.  I am so glad that our paths crossed Kathy V. and thank you so much for your continued support!!

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