Coastal Charms Gets Press Mentions and Participates in GBK's Golden Globe Gifting Lounge

Let's be honest.  I am sure you probably are NOT interested in hearing about the press mentions Coastal Charms received this past month.

 I understand!  Here is the thing...for several months I sat at my desk and pleaded with editors to be mentioned in some way in their magazines.  If I understand this correctly, being mentioned in magazines is supposed to increase your credibility and maybe even lead to more sales.

 So, that being said, I can't help celebrating that Coastal Charms was featured in the holiday guide for Kontrol Magazine and the Winter Gift Guide for Equanimity Magazine!!  This is TREMENDOUSLY appreciated:))

 ALSO, Coastal Charms is participating in GBK's Golden Globe Celebrity Gift Lounge honoring the Golden Globe Nominees and Presenters!!.

 We are so excited to be apart of this great opportunity.  Just think, maybe Jennifer Lawrence will end up wearing a pair of Coastal Charms earrings!!! How cool would that be???  Any exposure this small business can get will always be appreciated:))) Thanks for checking us out.!   

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