Handcrafted is Best!

Webster defines handcrafted as: created by a hand process rather than by a machine.  True!  But, I think what it doesn't say is even more important.

 It doesn't say that someone's heart and soul went into creating that piece of sea glass jewelry or that piece of clothing, etc...

When you purchase something handmade, you are supporting a small business and getting a peak into someone's passion!  For myself, I want to ensure that each piece of sea glass jewelry is made with authentic and genuine surf tumbled sea glass, that I am creating something of quality that will last a long time, and that I am designing a piece of jewelry that is unique and will make someone happy!  I want to ensure that my customers know how important they are to me!!  I don't think a machine cares about those things.:))  

I am so thrilled to be a member of The Artisan Group, because they are giving a platform to those of us who create by hand.  Yes, you might be able to purchase a less expensive "sea glass" necklace in a store down the street, BUT are you sure that it is Genuine sea glass?  Is it real sterling or silver plated? Are there 50 of the same necklace?  Do they guarantee your satisfaction? Were they made overseas?  Some things to consider when you are looking at something handmade that might be priced a little bit higher.

 Thanks to all of my customers who support my little business and allow me to create handcrafted sea glass and stone jewelry!!!  Because of YOU, I get to do something I am passionate about.:))

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Lucille Roland
Lucille Roland

January 12, 2016

I have bought many piieces of sea glass jewelry . Some before I fell upon Coastal Charms . There is no other like it . They are more beautiful in person and very unique and if the best quality . I will never shop anywhere else !!!

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