Why Do I Sell Sea Glass and Stone Jewelry?

I have recently been trying to understand the path that brought me to where I am today.  I don't know about you, but I definitely didn't start out wanting to design jewelry!  Has your life brought you to an unexpected place as well?

When I first graduated from college, I worked as a nurse.  I have always loved to take care of others and to be nurturing.  THEN, I went back to school and became a physical therapist assistant.  Again, I loved being able to work with people and make them feel better in some capacity.

Yet, here I am today making sea glass and semi-precious stone jewelry!  Quite a different place to be.  When I think about it though, I have always found interacting with nature and being outside to be very healing and calming.  After I had major surgery about five years ago, I found it to be very cathartic to walk the beach and listen to the ocean, and of course, to look for sea glass!  

It seemed like a natural progression from finding these gifts from Nature to creating something with them.  Now, as I design jewelry with the sea glass and stones I feel at peace...I want to make YOU feel nurtured by designing a piece of jewelry that makes you feel and look beautiful and reminds you of Nature and its special gifts.

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