Interacting With Nature Makes You Feel Better!

As a young girl I played outside in the woods all day long.  I built forts, played hide and seek and every possible game you could imagine playing.  We didn't have a lot of money so the woods were my playground.  My father taught me to love the earth by watching him tend to his vegetable garden every summer, bring home his weekly "catch" after a fishing trip, and by listening to him recall his adventures from hunting trips.  We also loved watching the different birds land on his feeder.

It was only natural that as I grew up, I would take walks outside along the beach when I was upset.  I always came back feeling much better after.  Scientific studies are now saying that nature does indeed have the power to heal!!  It can improve your sense of well-being.

Your senses awaken when you are outside!  You feel the gentle breeze on your skin as you walk along the shore.  You hear the snapping of the twigs underfoot as you walk through the forest.  You see an incredible vista when standing at the top of a mountain.  You smell the beautiful fragrance of the flowers in your garden.  

According to Jill Richardson of AlterNet, research shows that getting outside at least 4 times a week can lessen depression.  Even looking out a window at a view of nature can help someone to feel better.

Walking outside along the beach is my favorite way to connect with nature.  If I find a piece of sea glass, it is a double win!!!  I would also love to try yoga on the beach.  That would be another double win for me.

How do you connect to Nature?  I would love to hear:))

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