Share The Love For Our New Semi-Precious Stone Designs

I am so excited about the addition of our new semi-precious stone collection!  It is officially listed on the website under Nature's Bounty!

The past few years I have been drawn to the rich, deep colors of these stones and the Many possibilities for jewelry making.  I love that they coordinate so nicely with sea glass.  Another gift from nature I get to design with!

I am going to try and coordinate the color of the stones to the sea glass jewelry designs as well.  Each type of semi-precious stone has a different meaning and that can be important to the person buying!

And have I mentioned the price point?  If you find the sea glass jewelry designs to be out of your budget, the stone jewelry might be more appealing to you! Of course, sea glass jewelry is more rare and more of a keepsake type of gift!

So, I hope you'll share the love and check out these pretty additions to our website.  Have a super day!!!

xo Deb



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