Do You Decorate with a Coastal Style?

I could spend hours on Pinterest looking at the different ways people decorate their homes with a coastal vibe.

Some day I'd love to do the same, but for now I have my "sea glass studio" AKA the guest bedroom filled with sea glass in containers, and one beautiful vase filled with sea glass and a candle in the house.

The pale blues, whites, beige and aqua colors used on walls and furniture choices are definitely soothing and make me want to sit down and relax! 

Do you have beachy decorations in your home that make you happy?  Maybe, a bowl filled with shells, a shell picture frame, candles nestled in a container with your beach finds, or driftwood?  

I'm sure that if you have sea glass, it has a place of honor where you can admire it frequently!:)  

The nice thing is that we can express our love of the beach and ocean in many ways, and they don't have to be expensive!

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September 17, 2018

Do you just walk the shore n look for glass?

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