Do You Have a Favorite Sea Glass Color?

At the moment, my favorite sea glass color is aqua.

My very first jewelry design included aqua sea glass as the special accent, and still does to this day (when I can source it!) I use it in the starfish and sand dollar necklace designs.

According to the book: Pure Sea Glass by Richard LaMotte, the special material used to help create this gorgeous color, is copper!  He explains that aqua was a very common color for soda, mineral and beer bottles.  Later on, it was used in Bell Mason jars for fruit.  The thicker the shard of sea glass, the deeper the color will be.

The sea glass I originally used in my designs, was probably from the telephone pole insulators, because it was the deeper shade of aqua.

As sea glass goes, it's one of the colors considered to be rare.

The word aqua comes from the Latin word water.  As a Pisces, my element is said to be water:)  Maybe, that's why I've always been drawn to the ocean?

I'd love to hear what YOUR favorite sea glass color is!

Have a wonderful weekend!





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