Gemstones Paired with Sea Glass Make a Perfect Marriage!

Here we are in mid-October!!  It's been quite warm on Cape Cod...I will be a happy camper when it's consistently cooler:)

So, you may have noticed that I'm incorporating a lot of gemstones in my designs lately.  For 2 reasons...the first is that it's becoming more difficult for me to source nice pieces of genuine sea glass.  

The second reason is that I LOVE beautiful gemstones:))  I love the various colors and meanings of each!!  They look wonderful when I happen to have a piece of sea glass that matches a certain gemstone.

I love that working with sea glass keeps me connected to the Earth and nature, but gemstones do also!!  So, be on the lookout for more sea glass/ gemstone and only gemstone designs.

Check out this three in one bracelet made with kyanite (known for aiding communication and helping to align all the chakras), rice pearls and Czech beads.  Wouldn't this look beautiful on you??

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