Honesty and Kindness Take First and Second Place!

 It's the New Year and I want to make Coastal Charms Sea Glass Jewelry the best online shopping experience possible, so I recently sent out a survey to a few of my best customers. The results are still coming in, but I'm so happy to see that the values of honesty and kindness are top ranking among my cherished customers!!

Reading some of the survey answers, was as if I was reading my own answers:))  Honesty has always been important to me and how I've lived my life, as well as kindness.  These are values that I hope come across when people interact with Coastal Charms!

I have so many sea glass designs in my head, but I want to design what makes YOU happy:)  I am gaining insight, thanks to everyone who took the time to answer the survey questions!!

I hope that you have an amazing Valentine's Day and that no one gets snowed in!!!

With love,


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