Is Gratitude a Part of Your Life?

Yay!  It's November and the temps will be getting cooler (although today, they're in the 60's!), the leaves are changing and Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday to celebrate:)

Everyone's lives are so very busy these days.  We each get caught up in our schedules and trying to accomplish MORE.

I love that we have a few days to be more family centered, and really take some extra time to to think about our many blessings.

After my cancer diagnosis, it changed my outlook in so many ways.  I now begin each day grateful to be here!!  I'm grateful for so many things...the health of my family and loved ones, the beauty nature provides every day, the ability to make jewelry from home, and the list goes on...

I recently ran across a video featuring Hailey Bartholomew and her 365 grateful project.  I found it so interesting, because she talks transforming her mindset and going from being depressed to happy by taking stock of all she has to be grateful for.  She created a photo a day for what she was grateful about, and realized she had many things to be grateful for.

Happy November friends!  (ps- google Hailey Bartholomew if you get a chance)

xx Deb


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