It's Back To School and New Routines (including work time for sea glass jewelry)

Do you have kids or grand kids adjusting to a new grade in school this year?  My son is beginning his freshman year of high school!!!  Where has the time gone??

We are both trying to adjust to earlier bedtimes and very early wake-ups.  I can say that he is adjusting better than myself:(

I need to start my productive time much earlier in the day now...and I"m getting there. While my son is learning a new school layout and getting to know his teachers, I've been evaluating my sea glass jewelry business and designs...

I think it's definitely time for me to learn some new design techniques!  If any of you could leave me a comment on what YOU would like to see me make in the future, I'd REALLY appreciate it:)).  I truly want to get to know YOU and your wants and needs.

Is there something a piece of jewelry MUST have, in order for you to purchase it?

Are you looking for size, style, quality, price, beauty, etc....?

So, this year while my son is learning (hopefully!) in school, I'll be learning to make new designs for you as well!  BUT ANY FEEDBACK YOU CAN GIVE ME WOULD BE SUPER HELPFUL!!!!

As always, thanks for stopping by:))sea glass in sand



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