NEW SEA INSPIRED EARRINGS added to Coastal Charms product line!!

HOORAY!!  Very happy to announce that we have just added 11 new sea inspired earring designs!!

These sea inspired earrings were designed for the woman who wants to be fashionable, but maybe, doesn't want her earrings to be quite as LARGE as they often can be:)

I have noticed, that as we get a bit older, we don't want our sea glass or sea inspired earrings to be huge!  We still want to be stylish though!!

Some of the new designs are hammered, which adds character and shine with movement.  Some have sea glass while others have pearls or crystals and stones in ocean colors.

You will have the option of choosing either a one inch or two inch hoop for a couple of the earring designs.  You can even choose to add your birthstone ( or a friends ) on one design!

All of the earrings in the sea inspired category will be made to order, so they may take a bit longer to receive.

I have to give a TREMENDOUS THANK YOU to all of my beautiful models!!!  They were great:)

I hope you have lots of fun with these earrings and look forward to your feedback!  Have fun shopping!



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