Perfectly Pleasing Pearls

I love to add pearls to my jewelry designs, because I think they add a touch of elegance.  

Some fun pearl facts from - Pearls are rated on luster, shape and color.

The better the reflection from the pearl, the more valuable it is.  A round shaped pearl is the most sought after and more rare.  The white, pink, peach and lavender colors are untreated.  White is the most popular color.

Pearls are also judged on their surface texture and size.

Freshwater pearl mussels are nucleated with tiny bits of donor tissue. Pearl sacs then form around the donor tissue.  Potentially, 50 pearls can be harvested per mussel from the tissue pieces seeded in them.

According to:,  pearls are considered to be the oldest known gem.  They are said to offer protection, calming effects and to nurture your love life.

To maintain your pearls, you should protect from sunlight, dryness and humidity and wipe with a soft cloth before storing.


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Sandy Verdon
Sandy Verdon

March 24, 2018

I would like to order. How do I find where to order a necklace or bracelet?

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