Sea Glass and The Pantone Color Report for Spring 2017

pantone - sea glass colorsThe Pantone Color Institute guides companies on the use of color strategies for their branding. (for example, they helped to create Tiffany & Co.'s iconic tiffany blue)  They were hoping to evoke feelings of "vibrancy and escape".

Each year the Pantone Color Institute comes out with the colors they believe to be important for the next season in the fashion world.  They wanted the hues for Spring 2017 to "be reminiscent of hues that surround us in nature."  Well, we love that!!

Their colors: niagra - matches our cornflower blue sea glass, pale dogwood matches our pastel pink, and kale matches some of our green sea glass!

   So, when you're wearing your sea glass jewelry this coming Spring, you'll be right in style with these colors:))



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