Sea Glass Hunting at Davenport Beach is Not for the Fainthearted!

If you're anything like me, you love discovering new places to search for sea glass.  Well, although I love reading about it, one place I won't be traveling to is Davenport Beach.santa cruz sea glass (located north of Santa Cruz in California)

Although, the sea glass found at Davenport Beach is some of the Most Prized in the world, people can literally be risking their lives to find it.  At high tide, the sea glass hunters wear wet suits and can easily be knocked off their feet by the strong waves and currents.

In the words of author and Education Chair of the North American Sea Glass Association, Mary T. McCarthy, "Davenport Beach is far too dangerous for the majority of the population to navigate, especially at high tide.  People die on this beach.  That's how dangerous it is."

Apparently, in the 1970's, a heavy rainstorm overflowed the San Vicente Creek, causing containers of glass trimmings from the Lundberg Studio, to wash away.  The Lundberg Studio is a world class art glass manufacturing company.  Decades later, the most amazing sea glass began to appear.

To read more about this sea glass and the Lundberg Studio, check out: "Santa Cruz Sea Glass: The Story Behind the Treasure" written by Krista Hammond in conjunction with Rebecca Lundberg.

In the meantime, I'll be sticking to my less treacherous and easier to navigate, local beaches when looking for sea glass!




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